4 Interesting Careers Worth Considering before it’s Too Late

Some students make the mistake of choosing a degree course without thinking about what job they’d like to do once they graduate. Other students don’t really consider what type of work they would enjoy or find suitable to their temperament. There are also some positions and interesting careers that are suitable for younger people or those dedicated to a career where they need to start early enough to progress through the ranks. Due to many of the reasons given above, it’s worth thinking about whether your choice of major is right for you and if your plans should change to focus on a more lucrative career.

Here are a few interesting jobs worth thinking about before your studies progress too far.

Meeting and Event Assistant

You have the choice whether to be the Meeting and Event Assistant or the Events Coordinator. The former requires a related graduate degree but includes perks like domestic and international travel and extensive networking with corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals. The latter is better paid, but it means being responsible for the coordination of the whole event, even when delegating some of the responsibility to a Meeting and Event Assistant.

Anyone who is organized, able to juggle multiple commitments, and self-motivated will find either role interesting. Being a “people person” is certainly an advantage when coordinating events, wrangling the best venues before the competition snags them, and handling all the unexpected problems that arise prior (and during) the event. Salaries start around $44,000 for the assistant role, with the Events Coordinator getting paid nearer to six figures.

Software Developer

The role of a software developer is one that continues to be needed but is also a challenging field for new entrants. Competition from workers coming into America from other countries (India and parts of Southeast Asia especially) is stiff. Some software development work is being outsourced to India, the Philippines, and elsewhere. However, companies still require software developers to be on-hand to work within teams to manage corporate development timelines.

The starting wage is around $58,000 with opportunities for growth. Developers are also able to freelance as coders for hire if they prefer not work under the yoke of a boss in an office cubical. A perfect reason for this job to make our interesting careers list!

Petroleum Geologist

The role of a petroleum geologist is one that takes the employee into the oil fields to perform surveys. Studying dig results to determine suitability for drilling is all part of what a geologist does within the energy industry. Oil companies need to decide what fields to buy an interest in and where their considerable resources should be deployed. The role of a geologist is vital to the organization to help confirm where the investment should be made for the best future drilling results.

Due to the level of knowledge and the responsibility involved, the typical salary is around $79,000 for working in this field. The employment prospects are good; however, they are somewhat seasonal as they vary based partly on the price of crude oil. Oil companies have more money to spend on the research and development of new oil fields when their revenues are up (oil is priced high), but less surplus cash goes into R&D when oil is cheap.

Music Teacher

An online master of music in music education degree is an education program that teaches students how to become a K-12 music teacher. Learn how to share a love of music with your future students. The online MMME program has a flexible learning structure to suit time-constrained enrollees.

Don’t leave it too late to focus your studies on the right career for you. If you haven’t put enough thought into it, don’t wait until it’s too late.