It is Summer 2017 and most students around the world are in student limbo. As we wait for the declaration of our fate on results day – thoughts of getting into our desired university, or not getting into our desired university, going to our insured university, missing the required grades, and the constant reminder of Clearing repel against the fragmented state of our minds.

Whilst some neglect these thoughts and their future becomes secondary to the enjoyment of their summer, for some, they fail to enjoy their long-awaited freedom from exams as thoughts on equations and theories are replaced with the contemplation of the outcome of their hard work.

Student Limbo

Going through the motions of UCAS, interviews with universities, Open Days, alongside the never-ending cycle of revision, it all comes down to one day. However, this is not the case. Although sixth form and college experiences may vary, I am sure our experiences align with its draining, demanding and challenging process. It is from this process that sparked the conception of life-long friends, exploration of self and life lessons. Whether you pulled all-nighters, declined motives or adopted mood-swings, we have gained and developed our self-control, drive and ambition.

We were pushed to different extremes which, in turn, pushed our motivation and dedication. We may have gone into the process naïve, believing that ‘now we can do subjects we really like’ or ‘it is less subjects that GCSE so it should be easier’ but we have come out of the process with not only greater academic knowledge but a greater understanding of self. As we retrieved information from textbooks the textbooks also taught us about our patience and endurance.

Now, we are at the student limbo stage where our patience is being tested, rather than our knowledge, as we wait to see our results and see what our future holds. Whether we expected the grades we will receive or not, we have gained irreplaceable experiences that will shape who we are forever.

Written by Chinenye Uzoho