Okay, I admit it. I too am a victim of staying in my room for days without leaving; and although it’s always nice to relax and give time to yourself, studies have shown massive advantages from simply going outside. Here are some reasons why you should try to get out a little more…


  • Improves concentration

For starters, being outdoors has shown to boost productivity, acting as a perfect break from work. A study found that memory performance and attention spans are also improved by interacting with nature. To restore focus and motivation, you need to give your brain regular recovery time by immersing yourself in natural environments and enjoying the fresh air.


  • Helps to reduce stress

A mental break to relax and de-stress could be as simple as a quick walk. Nature provides many sounds, smells, and textures, all of which are a pleasant change from the indoors and give you a better change of scenery. The scent of fresh pine has even been proven to lower depression and anxiety. Getting away from your normal workspace to the outdoors can be arguably the best way to clear your mind and help you to loosen up.


  • Increases vitamin D intake

Getting enough vitamin D is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system. We also need vitamin D for bone growth, cell growth and immune function. This vitamin has been proven to help prevent things like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and heart disease. Vitamin D can be a hard nutrient to get enough of solely from foods, so we must take it in from sunlight.


  • Weight loss

Being outside is also beneficial for your body, helping to encourage weight loss and boost energy levels. This creates a greater development of coordination and the muscles which stabilize the body. Alongside the fresh air, the environment helps encourage us to move more and makes exercising itself seem less intense.


  • Engagement with community

Whether it be talking to someone new or just going to the park, being more involved with our surroundings helps us appreciate what’s around us and get more enjoyment out of it. New opportunities can be opened up from this by perhaps learning a new physical activity such as yoga to keep healthy.