Erotic Cafe’ is Marco, italian dj and producer in the electronic scene.

Marco started making music at 14 years old trying different kind of styles and going thru different alias; after a long musical path lasted years Marco decided to create Erotic Cafe’.

Erotic Cafe’ recently released “Bad Mind” thru Kinphonic and it was a success, especially on Spotify where the track has been featured many times in various official Playlists.On top of a more standard Dj set, Erotic Cafe’ is performing “live” with a hybrid show between the classic Dj-ing and a Live set, fast mashups and original content are the key of these hybrid live shows.

  1. Erotic Cafe’ & La Musique D’Ordinateur – “Back In It”

My brand new track out now on We Are Kin Vol. 2, the new compilation by Kinphonic with a lot of bass house bangers.  The “Back In It” vibes came from trap, house and dubstep music.

  1. Josh Pan, Dubfoundead – “Banned In The Motherland”

I love how this track flows and its dark atmosphere, I see Josh Pan as one of the best producers of this year.

  1. Bro Safari, Dillon Francis – “XL”

As you can notice in my track “Bad Mind” and on my future releases, I’m really enjoying making moombahton, it’s definitely something we can work on to bring it on an upper level.

  1. Henry Fong, Bad Royale – “Rock Ya Hips”

Another moombahton banger, with dubstep influences in terms of sound design, in my opinion it’s a tropical version of Red Lips remixed by Skrill.

  1. Moody Good – “Tipsee Shayka”

That’s exactly what I was talking about before, a moombahton tune made by Moody Good and its dark neuro sounds, very inspiring.

  1. LUMBERJACK – “No Sleep Tonight” (Tank Parade Remix)

Pretty new in the dubstep scene, Tank Parade is already killing it. Put aside your feelings, and start throwing elbows.

  1. DMVU – “Bloccd”

Personally never heard something like this track, all we need to know about innovation is here.

  1. Noisia – “Tommy’s Theme” (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix)

Already an incredible track, Tommy’s Theme now become something even more exciting, more dancefloor oriented. I’m really digging the direction Noisia are taking, they never disappoint me.

  1. Dubloadz – “Riddim Rats”

This guy is making the game harder and harder. Riddim Rats (with Break The Rail w/ Sullivan King) is my favourite of the bunch of tracks he’s releasing right now. It’s reinvented and improved dubstep, with bass sounds “appartently” out of control, a maniacal cure of the details, and influences from the wide electronic music scenario of 2017.

  1. ËMMË, Erotic Cafe’ – “NEED U”

Probably one of my favourite tracks made by me, maybe because I worked on it a lot of time passing through so many versions before deciding this was the best one, or maybe just because it’s very effective on the dancefloor