Edinburgh is one of the UK’s biggest and best student cities, filled with culture, excitement and plenty of bars to explore. It is also home to some of the biggest festivals on offer, which showcase the country’s most amazing artistic talents. One of the most popular festivals, is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With so much variety to choose from, it is a ‘must see’ for lovers of comedy, theatre and art. However, you may be thinking about the cost of attending such a prestigious event. Well, even though the Scottish capital can often be costly, there is a budget friendly way to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Luckily, FestivalFindr by Expedia, have put together this handy Student Survival Guide, to help you enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe on a student friendly shoestring.

Find the Free Events

There are many shows that you’ll have to pay for, however there are a few that you’ll be able to enjoy for no cost at all! To find all the free events, you can use the show finder tool over on the Edinburgh Fringe’s official site.

There are plenty of shows and performances, in every genre that require no payment at all. From music to art exhibitions, you can experience the best the Fringe has to offer, without spending a penny.

A Budget Friendly Way to Eat Out

The cheapest way to eat out when exploring Edinburgh is to pack your own meals and snacks. However, sometimes it’s just more practical to eat out, in which case, Edinburgh is home to a lot of affordable cafes and takeaways that you can make use of.

Try and avoid purchasing from the food vendors inside the festival or inside venues, these can be very expensive. Alternatively, head out for something to eat before you head in for a show and you could save a couple of pounds in the process.

Saving Money on Transport

There’s plenty of cheap or free ways to get around the city during festival season. The city can easily be navigated on foot, for example, and is the optimum way to visit all of the different venues of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Another way of getting around is via the affordable public network system, or by taking advantage of one of the city’s bike hire companies. Transport doesn’t have to be expensive and if you stay away from the more costly, private taxi companies then you shouldn’t notice transport costs eating into your budget.

Choose Cheap Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation can not only help you save money on your hotel or hostel, but it can also help to save money on transportation if you also choose the best location. Opting for more affordable options like hostels or small b&b’s can help you cut costs dramatically.

The beauty of hostels is that you also get the chance to meet other students or travellers visiting the festival. You may also find you make a few friends on your trip!

Make sure to choose a hostel that is within walking distance of either a bus stop, train station or even better, right in the heart of the city. Making sure you are close to public transport links or walking distance from your chosen events, can help to keep travel costs low.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one of the biggest festivals in the country and there’s no reason why anyone and everyone, no matter what their budget, shouldn’t be able to enjoy all of the excitement that the city and this amazing festival has to offer!