Cosmetics darlings will realise that there’s nothing more irritating than applying a flawless face in the morning, just to notice yourself at noon and see your face is a wreck and your complexion looks anything other than flawless. So what can we do to keep our foundation put for the day without having to worry about reapplying it every two hours?

Use a primer 

It’s in the name! Using a primer such as Benefit’s POREfesssional face primer will quite literally prime and prepare your face for your foundation. Not only will the primer give your skin a flawless base to work with, it develops a protective layer that the foundation will stick to better!

Alternatively, you can mix your primer with your foundation for a lighter coverage.

How to apply the foundation

Using a beauty blender is the way to go! It effectively buffers the foundation into a smooth texture and pushes the pigment into your skin which enhances longevity of your foundation. If you don’t have a beauty blender then a good quality foundation brush will do the trick just fine.

Set it…

Get yourself a good quality face powder and set your flawless base with it. Don’t worry, modern face powders won’t leave you with a cakey finish as they tend to sit more naturally on your skin. It adds grip to your makeup meaning it lasts much longer and doesn’t smudge as easily.

Setting sprays 

Thanks to advancements made in the cosmetic industry, setting sprays have been invented and are saving many people from a smudged clown face at the end of a night out. They give you a beautiful dewy finish to your makeup and add longevity to your makeup base by preventing it from moving or melting from your face.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford a setting spray, a little hairspray from a distance works too… Just keep your eyes and mouth closed.