The problem with a lot of today’s fashion is that many people only seem to shop from about three different stores. This means that you could walk around on campus or down the high street and see your top on 20 other people. Not cool! To salvage the situation, you’ve got to be one step ahead of everybody and own stylish items that nobody else (hopefully) is wearing. To get things that make you stand out from the crowd is easy enough and we’re going to tell you how. Read on.

Find expensive things cheaper online

Fancy jewellers with their snooty sales staff are not the places to shop. Instead, you can find bling watches and designer gear if you search the internet. If we’re talking about watches, then Rolexes are lavish items, no doubt about it, but the trick is knowing where to find them at a more reasonable amount. You might have to lower the price range to the hundreds, but see if you can find something on Chrono24 that looks cool and unique. We think it’s time elite brands like Rolex made a comeback, as cheap Casios and all-singing-all-dancing Apple Watches are visible on nearly every wrist these days. Go luxurious but without the extreme price tag.

Cool clothes that make a difference

How would you like to help reduce illegal animal trade in Zimbabwe, assist female entrepreneurs in Brazil, or support an organization in Japan which protects reefs and oceans from damage – all while looking awesome? If the answer is yes (which it should be), then we recommend looking at the online store of Serengetee, who stock some amazing pocket tees, headwear, backpacks, bracelets, and so much more. Every product sold supports a society who try to help our planet be better, so do yourself and someone else a favour by picking up an item from Serengetee.

Look further afield for your clothing

For the men, be sure to check out Post-Imperial clothing from Nigerian-born designer Niyi Okuboyejo. His collections are like nothing you’d ever see in the likes of H&M or Primark, and he has described his clothing as carrying a “strong sense of optimism for the future.” Going on to say: “It always feels familiar, even when the concepts aren’t. It is important for me to help steer the African narrative within fashion through a fresh point of view.” The colours are bold and bright, deep blues mixed with vibrant whites in eye-catching designs. If your goal is to stand out and be diverse, then you shouldn’t look much further than collections from Post-Imperial.

Don’t follow the crowd. Fashion changes all the time, and we love that.