To fall asleep isn’t generally as easy as putting your head to the pillow and closing your eyes. Contemplation, stresses, and discomfort all have a way of worming their way into your brain, keeping you from slipping into slumber. Luckily, there are many great things you can try to reestablish your ability to fall asleep without any struggles…

Make your room cool, clean, and calm

The best conditions to rest are the point at which you are:

Cooler than room temperature, a little underneath 20 degrees Celsius.

Take a stab at darkening the lights 30 minutes to a hour prior to bed. Research shows this to be useful in helping us prepare for sleep.

Five minutes before going to bed, turn on some light music or background noise

Consistent sounds calming sounds make for awesome rest. Much more importantly, they make the odd commotion in the night – like drunken neighbours or a barking dog – appear to be less noisy during the night!

You could create your very own ‘bed time playlist’ with all your favourite peaceful songs to listen to as you fall asleep.

Use muscle and mental unwinding activities to help your mind relax

Once you’ve settled down and are prepared to sleep, use the accompanying techniques to occupy your resting mind and get it into a state of relaxation. Contract and then rest your muscles. Tense, at that point let go of every last muscle in your body gradually. Concentrate on “moving” from your toes to your neck, and then repeat.

Tally your breaths. Concentrate on profound, normal breaths. Breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, at that point breathe out for eight seconds. This should leave you feeling relaxed, but if you get a weird feeling when trying to fall asleep, you’re not alone. Please seek help if this is the case.

Picture something relaxing. Watch yourself water the garden, or try counting sheep. Pick a mundane action you know and focus on it. You basically bore yourself to sleep!

Fifteen minutes before going to bed, have a good stretch! 

Reach down and touch your toes. Draw your foot back to your bum to extend your thighs. Riase your arms up and extend to the ceiling! Hold them for a while and don’t let it hurt you. A little light yoga is frequently used to relax before bed.