Whether you’re Island hopping or casually scrolling, for many it’s easy to be encapsuled by sceneries painted with opulence. Sicily is a destination flooded with art and soon to flood your phone memory.

Sicily; “the toe of Italy’s ‘boot”; one can live and breath opulence. The innumerable things to do, eat and visit will leave you writing a list. But why Sicily when there are strong competitors like Thailand? Well I like my tea sweet, how about you? Everyone has their own cup of tea, however, you wouldn’t have found your cup without trying a few others first, therefore, it is always worth trying something different and I can assure you that this magnificent Island would not leave you with a bad taste in your mouth but perhaps a rather refreshing one to say the least.

A refreshing one indeed when I visited six years ago. Constantly, inundated with the amount of sites available to me. I was very much overwhelmed by the historic breathtaking views which all held meaningful worth, a truly distinguishable place.

Sicily’s Theatre of Taormina:

A theatre which once accommodated gladiatorial battles to now hosting modern performances; surrounded by the most detailed architechture and mesmerising panoramic views.

One of the many places willing to keep their history alive.

The glorious gelato and perfect pizza:

The ice cream was and still is as rich as the culture and the pizza is as cheesy as the title.

Apart from the food, the culture and art pluses through the city’s veins successfully, attracting over 47.8% of visitors abroad making it the ultimate tourist destination.

The cultural delights flowing through every corner creates a buzzing atmosphere which ebraces one warmly and I’m not just talking about the weather.

The memory will always remain a trophy in my hall of memories.