It’s Saturday tomorrow; undoubtedly the best day of the week, wouldn’t you agree? Is it just me or do Saturdays tend to play out the same way each weekend? Here to present to you your standard Saturday (through til Sunday) is no other than Hollywood’s goofball, Will Ferrell.


“It’s quite simple” you wake up feeling refreshed thanks to your lay-in and you can’t help but feel incredibly smug about it. And the hype of a Saturday night sesh has your ego throbbing. Will Ferrell


You forced yourself to eat relatively healthily throughout the week because you’re determine to shift a few pounds. But as soon as the weekend arrives, any will power you had left goes straight out the window. Will Ferrel


You want to be productive, you really do – but there’s some really terrible day time telly you want to watch so you invite your sesh buddy over to eat food and binge watch tv shows… Will Ferrell


The TV has gotten boring, you’re so excited about going out tonight that your mate suggests daytime drinking… one won’t hurt, right? But then it hits you fast. Will Ferrell


After perhaps a few too many drinks, you decide it’s time to get ready for a heavy night out.
Will Ferrell


Time to hit the town, you’re looking good, feeling confident, and are prepared to spend too much money for a really good time. And when you see the club strip and all the bars you’re just like…
Will Ferrell


You can’t believe it, one of your drinking buddies has already managed to throw up after only a few drinks. Disappointed is an understatement.Will Ferrell


That weird part of the night where you temporarily lose your mates; you’re a lone wolf and you find another lone wolf on the dance floor who just happens to be the coolest person ever… But that could just be the drink talking.
Will Ferrell


That point of the night when you hit an emotional wall. You remember everything bad that’s happened to you and you start crying over that time your dog died over ten years ago. So you hide in the skanky club toilets.
Will Ferrell


7 Jager Bombs later, you’ve lost control of your body. Nothing can sober you up at this point, you’re starting to wonder if someone spiked your drink…
Will Ferrell


What better time to enjoy a greasy kebab whilst consumed by alcohol, anger, and self loathing? You also have no idea how you made it home in one piece…
Will Ferrell

It makes you wonder, is this what Will Ferrell get’s up to on a Saturday night too?