I wish I could explain it, but I really can’t. Does anyone else know why Nicolas Cage became so weirdly popular in the world of memes? Who knows! But isn’t he the perfect guy to accurately represent your week?


You know the drill – wake up, press snooze on your alarm, then queue the crying. I mean, crying doesn’t really solve anything, but the sorrow a Monday brings makes it impossible to stop the tears from escaping. Nicolas Cage


On a pointless and insignificant day like Tuesday, the commute to and from work is enough to send you mad. I personally believe that Tuesdays should be banned. What purpose do they even serve? Nicolas Cage


You’ve made it half way through the week! Congratulations! But your patience with annoying colleagues is wearing thin and you spend most of the day pretending to care about what they’re talking about. Nicolas Cage


At least it’s Friday tomorrow, but it’s gotten to that point in the week where you’re just looking for ways to distract yourself. A level of boredom that leads to you coming up with the most dramatic solutions to cure it. Nicolas Cage


So yes it might be a Friday, but in reality it’s still a normal work day. Just with half the effort you’d normally put in on any other day of the week.
Nicolas Cage


Is there really anything better than stepping outside on a Saturday morning and feeling that breeze of no responsibility hit you?
Nicolas Cage

Saturday Night

It’s funny how you can go from a productive Saturday afternoon shopping, cleaning up the house, and feeling good about yourself to two bottles of vodka and your head down a toilet in the space of a few hours. Nicolas Cage


The sun – it burns. You have to memory of the night before and you have no idea where you are. You’ve woken up hating yourself more than you normally do and all you can think about is how you have to start the whole damn week again starting tomorrow. Nicolas Cage knows how you feel, guys.
Nicolas Cage