Steve Carell, one of Hollywood’s most beloved and hilarious actors, captured our hearts with his quirky awkward characters many of us have been able to relate to. And with such a variety of hilarious gifs and images of the man himself – what better person to represent your week this week?


If you’re like Steve Carell’s character in ‘The Office’ then you’ll totally know how it feels arriving on a Monday morning still hungover from the weekend and with a desire to slap your coworkers.
Steve Carell


Why do Tuesdays exist? You are already over this week and have been counting down the days to the weekend since Sunday afternoon. And you have a face at work that resembles a slapped arse. Steve Carell


It’s Hump Day and you’ve made it through the worst part of the week, but you’ve just realised you technically have 3 more days because it’s only 8:58am… Steve Carell


You’ve grown tired of your work so you look for other ways to have fun… Well, as much fun as you can have in an office, right?
Steve Carell


When you remember it’s Friday and you spot your work bestie from across the room knowing you’re both going to get black out drunk tonight.
Steve Carell

Friday Night

Friend: “Don’t get too drunk tonight and do something weird.”

*You at 2am*
Steve Carell


Hungover as hell and a desire to hibernate under your duvet all day, you can’t do that because you’re already planning another strange and irresponsible night of drinking. Steve Carell

Saturday Night

It’s 2:30am and you and your mates have ended up back at your place singing karaoke in your pants until the sun comes up.
Steve Carell


Not only have you spent the entire day in bed consumed by self loathing and throwing up into a bowl, you’ve just remembered it’s Monday tomorrow…
Steve Carell