Born in Bedford but based in London, singer and songwriter Tom Grennan played at Sundown Festival last weekend, and we were lucky enough to chat with him after his set! We speak about his plans for the future and collaboration with grime artist, Bugzy Malone!

Q 1: Hiya Tom! Thanks for chatting with us! How did your set go?

Yeah it was really cool thanks! It was so hot. It was pissing it down with rain, then the sun came out and now I’m burnt haha. But yeah, the set was really good!

Q 2: So let’s talk about this year. What have you been up to so far?

It’s all been a massive highlight really. I’d never thought I’d be in the position I m now. To be here, doing what I love doing is amazing!

Q 3: Let’s hear more about the Chase & Status collaboration – how did that come about?

They just heard one of my songs basically, and asked if I wanted to link up with them to do a song. It was pretty cool.

Q 4: Did that spark your music career a little bit more?

Yes definitely. No one actually knew who I was until the song with them came out.

Q 5: Have you toured with them or done any gigs with them?

Yeah, I actually played here last year with them. It was great!

Q 6: I bet that was wicked! Do you think you’ll work with Chase & Status again?  

I may do some more shows but we will have to see. But as in music, I’m concentrating on my own stuff at the minute.

Q 7: It’s great you’re focusing on your own stuff now! What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I’m working on some new singles which should be released this year. I’d also love to bring out an album this year! So fingers crossed.

Q 8: I can’t wait to hear some of your new stuff. How did you get into being a musician?

I just fell into randomly to be honest with you. I’m 22 now and when I fell in love with music I was 18, so I haven’t been doing it for too long.

Q 9: When was your first proper breakthrough into the music industry?

It was definitely Chase & Status. Radio 1 did pick up a few of my songs which helped me spread my music that little bit further.

Q 10: What’s been the best gig you’ve played?

Like I say, they’ve all been special moments for me. Everything has!

Q 11: All special moments! Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with?

Right now I’m not looking for any collaborations. I’ve just done something with Bugzy Malone which is already out. I’m just going to concentrate on my own thing and see what happens.

Thanks for the chat Tom, it’s been a pleasure.

Facebook: @TomGrennanMusic | Twitter: @Tom_Grennan

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