RedKangaroo is Britain’s most exciting new chain of trampoline parks, with massive, state-of-the-art parks recently opened in Reading and Nottingham. Housing a whole host of super-bouncy, super-sized, interconnecting trampolines, RedKangaroo also offers more air-bound-activities than any other UK parks!

Trampolining has taken the globe by storm, becoming one of the fastest growing indoor activities worldwide in the past three years*. And it’s no surprise; where else can you bounce off the walls, compete in ninja courses, play dodgeball, perform an awesome bouncing slam dunk and fly into a foam pit or a huge inflated bag, all under one roof?! As well as being brilliant fun, trampolining is also excellent exercise; a 10 minute session is as good for you as a half hour run, and, being low impact, is kinder on the limbs.


Celebrities have cottoned on to the health benefits of trampolining too, with Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Alan Carr, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Team GB’s Louis Smith all huge fans.

Firm in the belief that everyone is #borntobounce; RedKangaroo features sessions and facilities for ALL ages and abilities including:

  • Timed ninja courses for those who love a challenge! The assault courses feature a demanding vertical climbing wall, hanging bags and ladders, doors to clamber through and boards to swing between…all without touching the ground!
  • Wipeout game: you’ve seen the TV show, now try it in real life! Players jump over or duck under a central rotating ‘sweeper’ arm while trying desperately to stay on their podiums without toppling off…
  • A huge half pipe to practice gravity-defying flips and tricks.
  • An extra-long 21 metre tumble track for somersaults.
  • Angled trampolines to ricochet off the walls.
  • A double cardio wall for two people to test endurance and reaction skills against each other.
  • Two metres of vertical wall running.
  • Gigantic foam pits featuring an epic gladiator beam and a slack line* to test your balance.
  • Grin-inducing power slides.
  • Slam dunk basketball areas with added bounce to really whop that ball through the hoop!
  • Dodgeball courts where players can battle it out! RedKangaroo’s courts will host tournaments of all abilities including recognised dodgeball leagues.
  • A dedicated parkour area* to practice your free-form running, climbing, swinging, vaulting & rolling moves.

Prices from £8

Advance booking essential! To find out more, please visit the RedKangaroo website:

*Nottingham only