Change is a thing that makes many people feel anxious. Change is very scary but can easily be dealt with. Over time, many things change, whether it be people, where we live or our jobs. At first, it can be daunting but soon we just accept it as part of life.

Next week, I along with many others will be starting University. This is a major change, whether we choose to live at home or on campus. There will be new people, new subjects, and a new structure. Of course, this will be odd at first and some of us may struggle but I’m confident that after a few weeks everything will settle down and we’ll enjoy it.

During my short life, I’ve had to endure a number of changes, such as living in different houses and going to different schools. Each of these things had their pros and cons however I found making an effort to make friends and just enjoy my time really helped. I believe that this method would help us to deal with a lot of change and it is certainly the one that I will be using when I begin university next week. I feel as though we need to stop over thinking things and just accept the next change as part of our lives, without mourning what we are leaving behind.

I also think that although having things planned is great, we should just take one day at a time and not look too far ahead. The first week will be strange but every day will get easier and more normal. Each day, we’ll be developing skills and building friendships.

Of course, other people may be facing different changes but I think these basic rules can apply to everything:

  • Make an effort
  • Take each day at a time
  • Don’t overthink
  • Be open about how you are feeling
  • Allow yourself to become emotional if necessary
  • Accept your past but look forward to the future

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody good luck with both the challenges and the changes that they are facing at the moment. Just remember, that lots of things seem scary but can turn out amazing. Also, some things seem awful while they are taking place but as time goes on, we realise that actually, it was okay. My biggest piece of advice is to stay positive.

Change should be something to treasure and look forward to, not something to fear. Just remember that and also keep in mind that everything happens for a reason so this change is probably for the best!

Good luck and keep calm.