As a college graduate, the prospect of finding a job casts a large and looming shadow. Despite being a tech-savvy and skilled generation, millennials are finding it difficult to find a job. The entry-level demands are looking more impossible with each passing year, requiring applicants to not only have a degree but seemingly inordinate amounts of relevant experience as well. It’s therefore of the utmost importance to stand out in the job market.

Showcase Yourself Online

Having a professional online presence is vital to establishing a foothold in the job market. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out and register a domain name for a personal website (although if you have the time and resources this couldn’t hurt), but it does mean optimising your business social media profiles. The go-to website in this regard would be LinkedIn. By registering your profile and updating your CV, you open yourself up a whole host of recruiters who can easily see what your skills and qualifications are. It also allows you to easily share and broadcast yourself whether via emails or as a link in your CV.

Get Business Cards Made

Business cards may seem old school, but they’re a tangible way of making a connection with a potential employer in the job market. Because networking can often be a spontaneous affair – after all, you may bump into someone who can offer job prospects at a local bar, coffee shop or library – it’s always handy to have a business card with your name and contact details on hand. Not only is it a quick and efficient way of handing out your contact details, it also shows an admirable level of professionalism. Business cards don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to make, either. Online print shops are a good option; Saxoprint, for example, allows you to design your business cards and get a quote upfront before committing to delivery.

Learn How to Interview Well

The first thing to consider when attending an interview is your attire. Always dress the part: if it’s a formal corporate job, wearing a suit is a must, but this is normally way too formal for tech startups and design agencies, where smart casual is the way forward.

When speaking about your past professional life, don’t just mention the various jobs you did and roles you performed – mention results. Rather than speaking about how you were employed in customer service, give specifics about the sales targets you helped to achieve, or how much you were able to improve efficiency by to achieve targets.

It also helps to research the company that you’ll be applying to. Candidates who demonstrate a good knowledge, or at least curiosity, about the company and what they do, will be far more appealing to hiring managers than those who don’t. It will also give you an advantage when it comes to understand what your role in the company will be, and how transferable your skills will be.