We’ve all seen this phrase used by bookmakers themselves. Goading us into trying our luck and spending large amounts of money on a game of chance. It is indeed tempting to try and beat the bookmakers at their own game. In fact, the appeal of doing so can often be equal to the large monetary appeal of winning. But, as the old saying goes, ‘the house always wins’. However, what if there was a way to beat the bookmaker every time, with 100% mathematical certainty?

Sounds far-fetched we know but there is a way. That way is called Matched Betting. A victim of its own name, matched betting has nothing to do with gambling – gambling is based on chance, whereas matched betting is based on maths. We use bookmakers as a means to an end, earning money without risk without risking our own money. This way, we truly can ‘Beat the Bookie’.  Now, if this all seems a bit confusing, that is perfectly understandable. Matched betting is not a universally known concept – yet. The matched betting community in the UK is now around 50,000 strong and growing every day. Like you, those that are part of the 50,000 started out not knowing what matched betting was. Rather than bog this article down with a full explanation of matched betting, we recommend you look at a previous article that we wrote last month for Student Pocket Guide. There you will find a detailed example of how the process works and it can be viewed by clicking here.

So, with matched betting, we can stack the deck in our favour and beat the bookmaker at their own game. If the idea of using bookmakers worries you, you’re not alone. The majority of those that match bet with us at Heads&Heads had never placed a bet in their life and were not keen on the idea of gambling the idea of gambling. Our members are with us to make money, beating the bookmaker is just an added bonus.

For those of you out there who love the idea of beating the bookmaker as much as you like the sound of making risk free profit, there really is no better time to join. Recent times have seen some bookmakers in the hot seat due to their adverts reaching those under the age of 18, withholding winnings and failing to prevent problem gamblers from betting. For us at Heads&Heads, it’s becoming increasingly important that we show people there is another way to, not just earn money but also, avoid all the negatives that from gambling. Our aim is to educate people about matched betting and how it can help you profit financially.

University students get more tech savvy every day – and the bookmakers know this. That is why their spending on mobile apps has increased so dramatically recently. Couple this with their marketing messages, such as ‘try to beat us’, playing on the competitive nature of university students and you have (in the bookmaker’s eyes) a potential new generation of gamblers. So, a combination of technology and the lure of winning bets can be very appealing to a student who knows they have to somehow pay off up to £50,000 in debt come the end of their degree.

This is why our work with Student Pocket Guide is so important to us. Heads&Heads understands the financial pressure students are now under (I was a student myself only five years ago) and we want to help. Matched betting with us is not going to make you rich, but it can earn up to £1,500 every month, depending on the time you can put in. Most importantly, it can do all this without risking your money. Meaning you can build towards a more stable financial future and get back to worrying about how to deal with hangovers during your lectures.

Heads&Heads has a completely free trial of our services, which gives you access to the tools needed to make your first £40 risk-free profit. Our Forum and Live Chat feature are open nearly every hour of the day, should you have any questions.

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