Whether you’re starting or returning to University this month, the chances are most of you will be thinking about a part-time job and how you’re going to fit this around studying and your social life – but, mostly your social life.

The trouble is nearly all part-time student jobs are a bit rubbish. But you’re desperate for the extra cash and as a result, will put up with a lot in order to get it. Employees know this, and most will take advantage of it. Inflicting upon you the rather nasty combination of the minimum wage plus zero-hour contracts. Not only that, but no one wants to be on the working side of the bar during a night out!

Heads&Heads offers students an alternative. Before we go into this though, let us be the first to say that we applaud and encourage anyone looking for part-time work. All we suggest here is that there is a better and more lucrative way, that most students have never heard of.

Heads&Heads is a matched betting company, which offer its members, guides, a community, tools and software to help them make up to £1,500 per month without risking their own money. Now, the usual response to this is a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. However, curiosity often overtakes suspicion when Heads&Heads informs people that not only is there a completely free trial but also that you can earn this money without ever leaving your bedroom.

At this point you may be thinking, ‘this is all well and good, but what is matched betting?’. Well, the most basic explanation is that matched bettors use maths, rather than chance, to extract value from bookmaker offers to both new and existing customers, without ever risking our own money.

Perhaps an example will help. A Bookmaker is offering new customers a £20 free bet when they place a £5 bet of your own money. By using Matched Betting, we remove any risk your £5 bet could lose. This is because we match our first £5 bet in the bookmaker with a £5 bet on a betting exchange on the opposite outcome. So, for example, we have Chelsea v Man City at 5:30pm on Saturday 30th September, we’d bet £5 on Chelsea to win in the bookmaker, and £5 on Chelsea not to win on the betting exchange. As we have bet on both outcomes, regardless of whether Chelsea win, draw or lose, we will neither win nor lose money. However, we have received the £20 free bet, which could be used the following day for Arsenal v Brighton at 12noon! We now make a profit by repeating this process but this time, adjusting the calculation slightly, because we’re now using the free bet rather than our own cash, thus creating a profit.

So, how much can you earn through matched betting with Heads&Heads? Well let’s start by putting things in perspective. The National Minimum Wage is currently £5.60 for 18-20 year olds and £7.05 for 21-24 year olds. Universities and surrounding businesses will likely stick as close to the minimum as possible. So, that means that a first-year student at the end of 6-hour shift in their student Union will take home £33.60. To us at Heads&Heads it is baffling that students put themselves through this! Heads&Heads long-term members average close to £50 a day, which translates to a comfortable £1,500 after just 30 days, at little more than an hour a day.

So, what would you rather – 6 hours working behind a bar serving increasingly drunk people to earn just enough money for a round of drinks or work 1 hour, in your PJ’s, and earn more money?

The Heads&Heads community is growing every day and they’re even starting to see groups of friends spending a couple of evenings a week chatting on the forum and earning money. If you’re the trail blazer of your group then you can even sign up to the Heads&Heads affiliate program and make money on every friend you introduce as a member!

Heads&Heads are contactable virtually 24/7 via their sites Live chat feature, should you have any questions.


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