The problem with jobs is that they get in the way. Even a part-time job is a drag. They get in the way of your studies and – worse than that – they interfere with your social life. But you need a job to pay for the things you want to do, right? Nights out, clothes, tickets, er, food (don’t forget to eat). Well, we might just have an alternative.

Thousands of students use Profit Accumulator to earn cash while at Uni. They make hundreds of pounds each month on their own terms – working from home at times that suit them. It appeals to students for these reasons – unlike a part-time job, it won’t get in the way of your studies or your social life. It’s a fully legal and legitimate method of earning money in your spare time.

To coincide with the start of the new term, Profit Accumulator has a welcome offer of £1 for full access for seven daysThis means new customers can explore the complete service and find out exactly how it works.

Too good to be true?

So, what exactly is Profit Accumulator? It’s the world’s biggest matched betting service, where members earn sustainable cash by exploiting the bonuses offers by bookmakers and betting companies. It does involve using bookmakers, but it is not gambling because the risk is neutralised by placing bets on opposite outcomes.

Let’s say, for example, a bookmaker is offering £10 free when you bet £10 on the Wimbledon final. It is possible to bet on both players to make sure you get your stake back, and trigger the free £10. Now, this is only possible when the odds of each outcome are correct – and this is where Profit Accumulator comes in.

Why members join

Members have access to sophisticated software that calculates exactly how much to stake and tells users how much profit they will make. There are in-depth step-by-step instructions and video tutorials on how to maximise profits from offers from every bookmaker. Profit Accumulator has a dedicated team of matched betting experts to help newcomers and experienced members along the way and there is seven-day customer support available via phone and email.

PA is also home to the biggest matched betting forum on the web, where members help each other out with queries and celebrate each other’s success.

Students’ stories

A significant proportion of PA’s members are students. In fact, the company was founded by Sam Stoffel, who used matched betting earn extra money while he studied at the University of Leeds. You can read case studies with Profit Accumulator members here.

Many students see matched betting as a preferable alternative to a part-time job, largely because of the flexibility it offers and the amounts that can be made.

Even for those who can only spare a few hours each week, a healthy amount of profit can be made and it can be done to suit any schedule – ideal for fitting around studies but it also doesn’t get in the way of nights out or ruin weekends.

No gambling knowledge is required and you don’t even have to be a sports fan. It’s simply about following the instructions and being as organised as you can to keep track of all the money you’re making.

Try the full service for seven days for just £1.