Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs are taking on the student market, and having been students recently themselves, understand the hardship students are having to deal with on a day to day basis throughout their studies. They have created UniDosh to tackle the student financial crisis.

If you have just began your university journey, in the coming months you are going to have to learn how to effectively balance your work, social life, and finances. Whilst part-time jobs are a decent way to produce a small income, UniDosh is a new and revolutionary mobile app created exclusively for students, to earn and save money.UniDoshUniSell

UniDosh gives students the opportunity to earn an income whilst making their way through university, by providing services such as cleaning, music lessons, and tutoring for other local students. So if you believe you have a service or skill that fellow students might find helpful, then you can earn money flexibly at times that suit you. So, say goodbye to part-time jobs with in-flexible hours and say hello to earning an income at a time and price you decide.


Alternatively, perhaps you need a service carried out by another local student whom you can trust and know is hard working. So, as opposed to a race against the clock to make your Monday morning lecture, you could hire a tutor to help you catch up on any work you’ve missed out on. Or perhaps you had a rather messy flat party last night and you’re far too hungover to clean up the aftermath, you can now book a cleaner who is looking to make a little extra cash!  You can choose the right student, for the right job, at a more student friendly price. UniDoshHow does it work?

  • Book the service you require, when you need it, and have your choice from a list of students in your area. Be confident when selecting by using our rating/review system.
  • At no cost, add your service to the live database when you want, at a price you want. Then simply wait to be notified when another fellow student makes a purchase.
  • Only pay once the service has been completed and given the thumbs up by both students. The money is then sent straight to your account via a secure method.
  • A thorough ID check using university email addresses and student numbers ensure you are buying a service from a student and only a student.

So why not start putting your skills and talents to good use and start earning some extra cash today? Download the app on iOS or Android!UniDosh