Picture the scene.

You’ve been out, it’s been a good night but you’ve got the munchies and need some food. You’ve run out of cash so decide to make something back home.

You put chips in the oven then go to your room, get distracted and forget about them.

Until your smoke alarm goes off.

Two miles away, eight firefighters are now rushing towards your home as they have been told there are people trapped in a fire at a student house.

They are dodging traffic at speed to try and save your life.

They arrive at your house to see smoke in your kitchen.

You stand at your doorway as firefighters quickly deal with the fire by switching off the cooker and taking out the burnt chips.

Meanwhile, on a street not far away, a family of four are trapped in their car following a crash, desperately waiting for a fire engine to arrive to rescue them.

They’re petrified for their lives, but they can’t hear any sirens.

The firefighters who could be saving their lives that second are at your house because you forgot about your cooking.


You can make sure this does not happen:

–          Don’t cook drunk

–          Get a takeaway

–          Always stand by your pan – don’t leave your cooking unattended

–          Keep your oven, hob and grill clean – fat and grease can easily catch fire

–          Don’t put metal objects like tin cans in the microwave

–          Keep toasters clean and away from curtains and kitchen rolls


If it does happen:

–          Don’t panic and don’t take risks

–          If it’s safe to do so, turn off the heat but don’t lean over the pan

–          Never use water or a water extinguisher on a hot fat fire

–          Leave the kitchen, close the door, tell everyone else to get out and don’t go back in

–          Call 999


Make sure you have a working smoke alarm – your landlord is responsible for making sure you do – and an escape plan.

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