We all know that herbal teas are pretty great; they look great, smell great and most importantly, they taste great and there are so many different varieties available. You can enjoy elder-flower, chamomile, mint and much much more. Yes we feel sophisticated whilst drinking them out of our glass mugs, but they also have a number of benefits too…

Help cure a cold:
Most herbal teas are full of antioxidants and are great to drink when treating the common cold. Elder tree herb is particularly effective as it can help to clear your blocked nasal passages and can help to reduce an annoyingly heavy cough. Fruity teas which contain orange are also brilliant as they contain vitamin c which helps to not only fight a cold, but to build your immune system.

And calm….:
Drinking chamomile tea is a brilliant way to relieve stress. Various studies have shown that the drinks have a calming effect which can help to fight insomnia and to relieve the pressure of various anxiety-based conditions. Why not try a mug of steaming chamomile the night before your next exam and test the theory for yourself?

Herbal teas can effectively flush your kidneys which works to remove a number of toxins from your body. This helps to leave you feeling much more refreshed and healthy which is always a nice feeling. Next time you eat a whole box of chocolates drink a tea after, perhaps you wont feel so sluggish and guilty.

Whenever you feel yourself lagging why not reach for a ginger tea instead of a cup of coffee?
Ginger teas are known improve your blood circulation and your blood sugar levels which can give you a new lease of longer lasting energy instead of a quick burst. The taste may take a while to get use to but you can always start by making the tea weak.

These are just a few of the many benefits to drinking herbal tea. Next time you’re in the supermarket why not have a browse through the back of the boxes. There are so many different varieties, you just need to find the perfect tea for you!