Whether your freshers’ week is over or only just beginning, you’re probably feeling a little run down and have the dreaded fresher’s flu (but you go out every night because it;s freshers’ week, right?) Once the week is over, it’s probably a good idea to flush all those toxins and unhealthy substances out of your system via detoxing so you’re feeling fresh for the official start of your academic year.

Here are a few ways you can carry out a much needed detoxing around freshers’ week.

Eat Apples

Eat nothing but apples for three days. Make sure they are early ripening and try eat around six apples a day. You might end up hating apples forever, but it will reduce your calories intake and flush negative substances from your body and also act well as a colon cleanse… (nice!).

Green Tea

Drinking five cups of green tea a day for a few days will cleanse your liver after the abuse it received from all that alcohol you pumped into your body. Vitamin C will also drive toxins away from the liver, and after a week of drinking, we’re sure your liver could do with a break.


Detox drinks taste great, are fun to make, and do you good! You can fill a bottle with water and then a mixture of different chopped fruits or veg e.g. cucumber and lemon will flush toxins from the body and regulate digestion.


In the morning, drink a tall glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in it; lemon regulates digestion and re-hydrates the system – a great start to any morning.


Visit a sauna! There’s nothing more detoxing than sweating out all the bad stuff in your body. Sounds gross but it works a treat and it’s an excuse to pamper yourself.


Refresh circulation by exfoliating! It will brings the toxins out of your body leaving your skin soft and your body a little healthier. You’ll remove that dead unhealthy skin too!

Eat Your Greens

Eat lots and lots of greens! Dark greens like kale are full of nutrients do wonders for the body. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables will restore the nutrients in your body and flush out toxins.


Probably the last thing you feel like doing…but exercise is also great. Not only will it physically benefit you, regular exercise releases endorphins in the brain which effectively boosts your mood!