You nervously hover above the toilet seat in a public restroom, but the real danger is on the surface of your phone screen. That’s right, your iPhone could be making you ill!

Ever wondered why you seem to catch every cold going and often get sick? It could be because your iPhone (or any phone) is unbelievable dirty. We don’t mean it has a few germs on it, try 18 times more bad bacteria than the average flusher in a public toilet. You’re essentially clutching a urinal in your hands and against your face all day. Nice. making you ill
So why does this happen? Well it’s rather obvious; all day they are being passed to friends, being fondled with dirty unwashed hands, are left in warm places, and are never cleaned. Also, we use them whilst doing our business on the toilet. So are you really surprised they get as dirty as they do?

According to studies, there are around 11,000 germs per square inch on your phone, and a terrifying 1 in 6 had actual fecal matter… Vom. Whilst laying your phone on dirty surfaces and not washing it doesn’t exactly improve the situation, the biggest issue is passing your phone to other people. We are generally used to the germs we carry ourselves, but passing it to someone else allows a whole new ecosystem are germs and bacteria to invade your phone.

Fortunately, it’s very unlikely that there are germs on your phone that are going to inflict serious implications on your health. You might be more exposed to the common cold that’s going around, but don’t worry, you won’t be dropping dead anytime soon. But maybe consider taking an antibacterial wipe to your phone and giving it a little clean every now and then… And you should probably stop using it on the toilet.