Yes we’ll admit, we were skeptical too. But when you try the Vie Recovery Patch, you may just have a new drinking buddy for life.

Vie Recovery Patch

“I tried the Vie Recovery Patch three nights in a row on a birthday weekend, although skeptical at first, I miraculously woke every morning feeling fresh and energised despite consuming heavy amounts of alcohol… And I am normally an avid hangover sufferer.” 

So how does it work? The recovery patches are designed to help your body break down alcohol more efficiently by releasing specific natural essential herbs, vitamin & minerals into the blood stream via a patch placed on the skin.

The patch is applied to a hairless, clean area of skin before your first drink and is worn for 24 hours to really enjoy the benefits.

Whilst the patch won’t prevent intoxication, it could prevent the physical effects of alcohol that are experienced the following day.

Vie Recovery Patches use only 100% natural ingredients and can be purchased for £4.95 for six patches, online from