For those of you who are not aware, ‘mansplaining’ essentially refers to the act of when a man explains something to someone, normally a woman, in a way that comes across condescending and patronising. And it’s been going on for years. However, a new term, created by astronomer Nicole Gugliucci, is taking its place, and it’s called ‘hepeating’.

It’s a situation that many women have had to experience; sharing a fantastic and original idea to simply be ignored. But moments later, a male has repeated (or hepeated) the idea and is praised and everyone loves them.

Nicole created the word and tweeted it out with instructions on how to use it in a sentence. The tweet has gone viral after receiving almost 200K likes and almost 65K retweets which indicates how often women could be falling victim to the act of ‘hepeating’.

Gugliucci also went on to say that women aren’t the only ones affected; it is men and women of colour too. Commonly referred to as ‘rewhite’.

So if you ever find your idea being stolen or repeated by a male friend, colleague, or family member, you now have the perfect words to call them out for their actions.