Remember those little gadgets that gave you your first dose of responsibility and animal care? That’s right, Tamagotchi is set to make a return next month.

Firing up your Tamagotchi for the first time was an exhilarating experience; you were blessed with your very first (virtual) pet who would rely on you for survival. You finally had a chance to prove to your parents you were capable of looking after that puppy you so desperately wanted.

You fed it when it got hungry, cared for it when it got sick, and Tamagotchicleaned up after it when it pooed – how lovely! You’d watch it grow from a little blip on the screen to a thriving adult with hobbies and attitude who, for some reason, often suffered with migraines… You would love your Tamagotchi, and you’d dedicate your younger days to giving it the best life possible. Well, that was until you’d forget to feed it one day – and return to find it had basically died from a lack of attention. Relatable.

Next month in Novemeber 2017, you’ll be able to experience it all over again as a new line of Tamagotchi is released. The U.S. is bringing out a more simplified and slightly smaller version of Japan’s iconic Tamagotchi. Your digital pet will chirp and be sated and content with just a few button presses – making it easier to care for than before! You will have a choice of 6 different shells (which won’t have any impact on which virtual animal hatches from the egg) but all six original Tamagotchi critters from the original series will be making a return to your very tiny screens.

Look out for them in stores near you from November 5th! Retail prices es expected to be no more than £14.99.