Over the past few years the world of social media has simply exploded and it has become one of the most useful and most used tools in everyday life. We can use social media to network professionally, to keep in contact with friends and family all across the world and it has become a vital tool for news gathering and sharing.
Like everything, social media isn’t perfect. It actually causes a whole range of unnecessary trouble and drama making the idea of going social media free pretty attractive. Here are 5 benefits of being social media free.

Not so social media:
Just think how social you could actually be without social media! Imagine this. You meet up with a life long friend and instead of worrying if your meal looks good enough to get likes on Instagram, you actually chat. Next time you meet up with an old friend why not set yourselves a challenge? Put your phones face down on the table and the first person the touch their device has to pay for everybody’s meal.

Here are your best bits:
Most of us know social media is a platform for people to share all the best parts of their lives. We all know this, and yet we all still find our selves envious of that girl in our seminar and her extravagant holidays or the guy with his dedication to the gym (or at least gym pics). Without social media we can escape the pressures of comparing ourselves to everybody’s perfection and we can instead focus on our own lives and accomplishments instead of feeling like a constant failure.

An air of mystery:
I genuinely don’t think there is anything more annoying than when you build yourself up to tell somebody an exciting piece of news about your life and they interrupt you with “Yeah I saw that on Twitter”. What an easy way to ruin a conversation! At least if you’re not on social media you can keep an air of mystery about yourself which means your exciting news is actually that, news.

You may actually like more people:
Social media definitely brings out the worst in people. Good people can become insufferable when they constantly post attention-seeking statuses like “karmas gonna get ya” or “so fed up” at least once a week. (We all have at least one of these friends on Facebook). It’s so easy to forget why you’re friends with somebody when all you can think is “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR BREAKFAST BRENDA”.

But what did they mean?!
Imagine how easy friendships would be without the dramas of Facebook. You don’t have to worry about friends getting stroppy over you going out without them, you don’t have to worry that people think your status is aimed at them, and you most importantly, you don’t have to worry about how many likes you’ve got!

It all sounds so attractive, right? I’ll be honest I’m too deep into the world of social media now so there is no hope for me, but save yourself! Why not try going a whole day with out checking Facebook? If you can do that try going a whole week, then month and so on. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy the benefits of being social media free?