A business degree is a very versatile and useful degree which can open up many paths to the average graduate. Since it teaches you a number of transferrable skills, it is valued by many different types of employer who can benefit from having you in their company. Here are some of the main industries/roles a business degree can grant you access to.

Accounting and Finance

One of the more obvious areas you could employ your business graduate skills would be accounting and finance. Most business degrees at least touch on this area of business operations, but if you want a professional career in this area then you will most likely need a further qualification to achieve this.

There are many different types of company which would value these skills. A further qualification in accounting could lead to a job with an auditing firm, for instance, which involves scouring the records and accounting of numerous different companies and making sure they are correct.


Another common area for business graduates to enter would be management. Since management is a crucial part of any medium/large business, it makes sense that management skills are highly sought after, and can be applied to almost any industry.

One of the main advantages of gaining a managerial position in a company is that they are often highly paid and offer great opportunities for progression. Similar to positions in accounting and finance, however, managerial positions also usually require a further qualification or years of built up experience before you will be considered.


Although it may seem like one of the less common careers for a business graduate, a career in media is actually well suited to those who have studied business. Since this field covers a number of different options, such as radio and TV, it is worth doing a bit of research before you choose which role you would like to pursue.

Most larger media companies offer an incredibly diverse range of job roles, including positions which are related to management of company finances and marketing, amongst others. Much like regular companies, many media companies have departments like sales, HR and accounting, amongst others.

Setting Up Your Own Business

For those graduates who are looking to take a bit more risk and move away from the standard career path, setting up a business could be a good option. Since a degree in business offers a good insight into the various ins and outs of companies and how they operate, you can use your knowledge to navigate some of the main challenges which having your own business presents.

To set up your own business, you will need to construct a comprehensive, detailed business plan which outlines all your business goals as well as your overall budget. You will likely also need to get funding from somewhere in order to cover costs and finance your day to day operations.

These are just some of the options available to business graduates, and it is worth noting that there are many more attractive career paths it is possible to follow. The key is to do plenty of about different options and to seek career advice if you are unsure as to what would be best for you.