As students, we are in the unique position where we don’t have to care about much. So why should we care about this new free app where you can save food from local restaurants, cafes and bakeries by picking it up at their end of service from as little as £2?

The answer? We shouldn’t! Here’s why…

We don’t need to be worrying about the planet

As students we spend our days blissfully unaware of the problems that our planet faces. Why should we have to care about climate change?! It doesn’t matter to us that if wasted food was a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world after only the United States and China. That’s really not a problem we can help solve.
We don’t need to be careful with money

When we have access to huge loans that we will be paying back for most of our working lives, why would we bother to save money? I say max the overdraft and live like a king (or queen), and worry about the crippling debt after. In the meantime, let’s keep spending all our money on outrageously overpriced takeaway, and ignore the fact that the average meal costs just £2.48 on Too Good To Go.

We don’t need to eat well

When we have Starbucks, McDonalds and Subway available almost 24/7 why should we care about smaller establishments providing high-quality food? The nutritional value of 20 nuggets and a Frappuccino should be enough for any self-respecting student to survive, right?

We aren’t lazy

An app which lets us order great quality food at an even better price seems too easy. It doesn’t matter that it’s helping protect the planet by reducing food waste. When we are used to writing 10,000-word dissertations on the intricacies of igneous rock, why would we be interested in something this quick, simple and affordable for dinner?

If you agree with me then don’t bother downloading the free app here: