To celebrate Friday 13th and the fact that one of our favourite holidays, Halloween, is just around the corner. We thought it would be fun to wittle down all the incredible special effects makeup tutorials on YouTube to our top 10 list of horror makeovers…

Whilst there are many incredible tutorials floating around on the web, the following have been chosen due to creativity, style, and effort.¬† And blood and guts will always be a horror enthusiast’s winning¬†mark – but you have to appreciate the more subtle and perhaps less conventional sides of horror.

If you’re a little squeemish – you might want to stop scrolling…

10. Smiley

9. American Horror Story

8. Monster Mouth

7. Jack-In-The-Box

6. The Corpse Bride

5. Killer Snail

4. Sewed Mouth Shut

3. VALEK Demon

2. The Pale Man

1. Necromorphe