Plants are amazing things. Despite being small and often dismissed they are constantly all around us, from the food and drink we consume, to the medicine we need when we are sick,; in our clothes, making up our books – quite literally everywhere. It’s reassuring to see some botanical appreciation in fashion trends at present, with the humble cactus becoming a staple of student couture in particular. It’s pretty much impossible to walk down the city main street without seeing at least 3 succulents, a new flower arrangement, and a cactus plant.

If you’re wondering how you can bring the outside world into your accommodation and make it a little greener, here are some simple tips.plantTerrariums

These pretty glass and metal boxes are designed to act as miniature gardens/greenhouses. They’re especially useful if you’re living in a flat with no balcony, as they can live quite happily on a window ledge or in a small but sunny spot. Usually they are the place to gather a few small desert plants which are acclimated to hotter weather, but this can be the case for any plant of your choice in the winter time.

As well as being efficient, terrariums also offer the chance for you to be creative and unique in your designs. Beyond the soil, rocks and plants, you could decorate and arrange things to suit your environment adding a more personal touch. Whilst plant organisms range from simple to complex, the best thing about this method of inside gardening is that there is something for everyone. They can be especially useful also if you want to have a form of pet – something to look after and care for every day.

Herbs + Vegetables

It’s beyond easy to grow plants such as tomatoes and water cress. For those who have balconies, this is a way to liven things up a little. Window boxes can be propped onto railings and tomato plants moved over to here as they grow, along with fresh herbs if these are things you want to grow regularly for cooking purposes.

But that said, you can also get small herb plants (basil, oregano etc) and grow water cress using the small area of your window sill if the balcony option is unavailable. Growing your own food is so rewarding because it adds again, that personal touch to your home cooking. It’s definitely one of my favourite elements of plant life; It produces the tastiest food!plantCacti + Friends

For those of you who want to bring some plant friends into your lives but are afraid of killing said life forms before you can start, the best place to begin is with the simple task of caring for a cactus. Due to their evolution and adjustment to desert life, cacti grow slowly and can go for lengthy periods of time without water. So long as you can remember to give them a little TLC every once in a while, these guys will go about living quite happily and brighten up apartment life. Try looking after just one to begin with before spreading out to incorporate other species of plant.

Happy gardening!