We’ve known these guys for years, and watching them grow has been really special. Their live show is second to none.


Pure good vibes here.

Leif Erikson

We were honoured to have such a great band support us on our UK tour this year. Listened to them play every night, and on every van journey, and still not bored.

Big Thief

This has been on repeat in the van this Autumn, really new American great band.

Matt Maltese

Have also had the pleasure of playing with Matt. Real sexy vibes.


Collectively our favourite new band. Lovely guys too. A must listen.

The Shacks

One way ticket to Vibe Central.


Timeless tunes from our London brothers. Cathy Come Home is a perfect song.


A beautiful sideproject from one of the Balthazar guys.

Willie J Healey

Have crossed paths many times over this year’s festival season, but only recently managed to watch him play. Feel-good vintage vibes.

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