You may be in the position where you’re looking to take advantage of video conferencing but have run into a few problems. Whether it be you just don’t have the space to accommodate a dedicated video conferencing meeting room, or the price to attain that is just too steep. Then you’re in luck as there’s services available to you currently to assist you in conducting video meetings without interruption.

Today, EyeNetwork bring you just a few reasons why you using video meeting room hire would be beneficial for you and your business.


When you’re looking to hire video meeting rooms, the most sought after is having a company that’s flexible and understands your requirements.  Whether you need a certain number of rooms or you need just one for a week, having a meeting room provider that’s flexible is what will create a long-standing relationship where you’re not hampered by overbookings and miscommunication.

With bookings available by the hour or day you’re able to select any that fit your work schedule, giving you the flexibility that other options just don’t provide.


If you’re in the situation where you need dedicated rooms to facilitate large video meetings on a daily or weekly basis, but your business just isn’t at the size yet to afford such things, then hiring out video meeting rooms is a great alternative.

When you just don’t have the funds to support a video meeting system then hiring is your best option. With a multitude of different meeting rooms spread across the country all with different specifications and prices you’ll be hard pressed to not find a video meeting room that doesn’t match your requirements.

With hi-tech video conferencing technology often costing too much for small businesses or businesses that are looking to grow in the near future, it’s a great idea to use meeting room hire in the meantime due to the hardware provided. Providers such as EyeNetwork offer high quality video conferencing facilities with the top of the range video conferencing tools.


If by any chance there’s no video meeting rooms available in your area or they’re fully booked and you really need a meeting that week, then providers such as EyeNetwork offer laptop connection services that allow any devices with an internet connection to connect to the meeting.

This allows you to connect all your employees regardless of where they are. With businesses having a more mobile workforce then you need as much choice as possible to keep productivity at an all time high.