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Sure, living in a house share or small flat that’s already fully furnished is somewhat a blessing and a curse. It means you don’t need to fork out for a sofa or even a fridge, but it could be that the provided furniture is absolutely hideous. So here are four landlord-friendly interior hacks to help your space feel a little more chic and personal…

Stick Things Up

In some strict households, you won’t even be able to hang pictures up using standard nails. You could even have your deposit wiped away by leaving a few blu-tack marks on the wall… So what can you do?

Bring on the damage free stickers! Hanging strips are a great alternative to tack and hammering nails into your wall without causing any lasting damage. They work by sticking to both the wall and your feature piece, and then slotting together to hold them securely without ripping a chunk of dry wall out when taking them down!

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights
Who said they’re just for Christmas? Twinkly lights are the pièce de résistance to funky decor! They add character, colour, and create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Hang them along the beams, across your walls, and around the door frames to create a home that looks like something from a fairy tale.

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Throw overs

Investing in a beautiful throw can improve every aspect of your home life! Is your home suffering with boring, plain decor? Introduce a colourful throw! Feeling chilly? Cuddle up in your throw! Ugly furniture? Well, just chuck a throw over it! Urban Outfitters Home, B&Q, and even Primark Home offer a range of throws that will transform your interior living space in a two seconds flat! We’re fans of particularly fluffy ones!

House Plants
Cacti, potted, succulents – decorate your space with botanical beauty and add character to every corner, shelf, and table. Ikea have an excellent selection of plants both fake and real that come potted straight to your door – and they’re reasonably priced too! Create an urban jungle and add some life to the interior of your home. But don’t forget to feed and care for them.