Free takeaway – with under 8 weeks to go until their next student maintenance payment is due in early January, new data from Digital Current Account Loot has revealed that students have already spent the entirety of their first term loan. They are now relying on previous savings and parental support to tide them over the Christmas period. The breakdown of student’s total spending is as follows:

  • Eating out, takeaways and alcohol: 17.59%
  • Groceries: 16.06%
  • Cash withdrawals: 14.54%
  • Travel: 13.63%
  • Entertainment: 8.77%

To help ensure that students get a decent fulfilling meal Loot teamed up with hungryhouse to launch a takeaway SOS service available to cheer those up with the most depressing budget meals. Entries so far have included:

  • A disgusting bread, kidney beans and mackerel combination
  • A (literal) dog’s dinner of a Shepherd’s pie
  • An out of date packet of biscuits
  • A lowly can of Mulligatawny soup
  • A single pot of Fage 0% fat yoghurt
  • A depressing packet of budget chicken flavoured noodles
  • Dry cereal without milk

Ollie Purdue, founder and CEO of Loot commented: “With the excitement of freshers’ week now a distant memory, students across the UK will be looking at their bank accounts wondering where their loan has disappeared to. Most students are now dipping into their savings or relying on family support to ensure they make it through the next eight weeks until the next installment. To help students treat themselves, we’ve launched a takeaway SOS service with hungryhouse where you can claim a free takeaway treat for yourself and save yourself from another plain meal.”

The SOS delivery service is available to students across the UK whilst stocks last. All users need to do is tweet Loot a picture of their meal with the hashtag #saveoursupper

Check out the below link for a super quick, healthy and cheap meal to keep you going throughout the day:

Baked Eggs In Peppers