We know how it goes. You start your term with a lovely student maintenance loan. Suddenly you are flushed with more cash than you’ve ever seen in your life – and probably will see in your bank account for decades to come!

So what do you do? Of course you blow most of it during the alcohol fuelled week(s) of freshers. This is something that should be encouraged (having fun, not heavy drinking). After all, you get to go to university only once and you don’t want to be that adult (that we’ve all met), who constantly refers to their time at university and how they did not make the most of it when they were there!

However, you are now in the rather sticky situation of staring down the barrel of a very empty bank account with the majority of term still to come. So what can you do? Well you can grovel to your parents – the effectiveness of which can vary drastically. You could find a minimum wage Uni job – working behind a bar whilst every other student gets drunk. Or you could try a third option – matched betting.

Working from the comfort of your own room, you could turn a rather dire financial situation around to the point where you may even be able to afford Christmas presents on top of your continued Uni social life!

Now matched betting is not a simple concept to grasp. However, here are the important things to keep in mind:

  1. It is not gambling
  2. It is based on maths rather than chance
  3. It will not make you rich but can get up you up to £1500 per month (tax free)
  4. Signing up to Heads&Heads is completely free

Try it out: https://www.headsandheads.co.uk

Since September we’ve had 12 Student Pocket Guide readers sign up. Four of these twelve have already closed in on £500 profit, which is a fantastic start to their matched betting journey. If £500 sounds like a lot considering you are not risking anything then you’d be right! It is ridiculously easy for students to profit from matched betting and our aim is to get at least 50 Student Pocket Guide readers trying out matched betting by the end of the year.

Signing up to Heads&Heads to try matched betting is completely free. We do not ask for any card/payment details up front – in fact you could sign up with completely false details and you’d still get the free trial. All that matters to us is that students give it a go and judge it for themselves.

If you try the free trial and would like to access the full service – use the below discount code to get your first months full access for just £1.

Discount code: H&H-SPG90


Full disclosure: Yes, the account posting this is part of Heads&Heads. We hope this does not detract from the point we are trying to make.