No matter how many over-the-counter products you may have used or DIY remedies to beat the congestion, it just doesn’t seem to go or work. And you wonder why? You are left breathless and a good night’s sleep is a farfetched cry! Sounds familiar? Before you take another dose or dollop of something to ooze the mucus out or for relief, we would ask you to check out these five reasons why congestion could be your best friend that doesn’t want to leave!

  1. It could be polyps

What are polyps? Polyps are non-cancerous growths in the inner lining of the nose, which doesn’t allow you to breathe well or normally. They happen because of the allergies that cause inflammation, and only a good medical check-up by a certified nasal expert can help determine if you have polyps. Upon examination, if polyps are found, there would be nasal steroids prescribed for moderate cases or surgery would be needed if it is serious.

  1. It could be sinusitis playing truant

Viral infections can create havoc and irritate the nose, inflame the tissues and swell them up too. This could be because of bacteria and fungi, say experts from the esteemed Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Some cases of sinus can be very moderate to mild, whilst others can be chronic episodes that can last for more than two months. Seek help is what the doctors say if the congestion lingers for more than a week, and if fevers and pains are associated with the symptoms too.

  1. Don’t go OTT with nasal decongestants

Nasal decongestants are okay to use, but overusing them is not advised. Sprays and balms, vapourubs et al can do more harm than good by overuse. Not more than three days, is what most experts say. The longer you use the decongestant, the more would the membranes inside the nose get affected; reliance on medication thus happens, and when medicines aren’t around, congestion takes over. It is a vicious cycle!

  1. Check your surroundings

Surprised because you suffer from congestion when it is the peak summers too? Don’t be! There are many weird ways the weather can affect your health, and your surroundings too can play havoc. For example, while the weather is hot and humid outside, it is but natural that we would sit in the air-conditioned rooms for long, or use a humidifier if it is too cold outside. In doing so, we tend to allow inflammation of the nasal tissues to happen, which makes congestion come through.

  1. Pollen and allergies

As the winds change their course, there are chances for you to be attacked by allergies and pollen. Spring is when there are more reports of congestion reported than any other season, summer being the next and then the monsoons. Pollen especially can stimulate the senses and irritate them, causing inner lining inflammation and stuffiness. It would be difficult managing them all, which is why allergy shots are important to help reduce the pain and congestion.

Do try out these natural home remedies though, but check with your doctor as well to know what causes the congestion in you to stay!