Festivals are announcing their lineups for next year! So you’re probably already buying your tickets for next year! Don’t waste your time lugging your whole life around with you, just out check our top must-have products for festivals to remember in 2018.

You’ll thank us later.

Baby Wipes

This is definitely a big one. There’s nothing worse than using a grotty portable shower, is there? I’m pretty sure you won’t be doing a lot of washing over that weekend anyway… Baby wipes are quick, easy, portable and cheap, and a baby wipe shower will definitely be needed if you refuse to use the dirty festival showers. They’re convenient – especially during festival season – so make sure you stock up.

Air Bed

Yes, air beds may be a pain to carry to your campsite but 4 nights sleeping on a damp, cold floor could really do some damage. If you really can’t stand the thought of roughing it for a few nights, having one of these will help you cope without your bed. So whilst you’re probably partying into the early hours of the morning, treat yourself to a luxury airbed to come back to.

Portable Phone Charger

This one is obvious. Being in a field for 4 days or more without a phone is probably hell for most of you, so invest in a portable charger! It’ll be worth it when you arrive back in reality – you’ll have hundreds of pictures to look back on. Also, having your phone charged throughout the festival will allow you to contact home if you’re in trouble.


If you’re heading to a festival in the UK, the chances are it will probably rain. If you’ve bought some stylish festival outfits you want to show off, buy yourself a clear poncho. That way, people will still be able to admire your attire whilst staying dry.

Empty Bottles of Water / Big Bottle of Water

At a festival, water is key. Dehydration is the nemesis of every festival goer! Keeping hydrated will help you wake up feeling normal (sort of). Empty bottles are so convenient; they are light weight, easy to carry, and can be refilled time and time again.

Snack Food

Buying food at festivals is horrifically expensive. Stocking up on snack food will save you a hell of a lot of money. By all means, go all out – but your bank balance won’t be looking healthy afterwards I can assure you. Sometimes, resisting the noodle boxes or the fish and chips is difficult, so invest in some energy boosting snacks.


You need a torch! When you’re searching for something in your tent in the middle of the night, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for. Locating your tent in the dark can also be very tricky when you’re in a field with thousands of other identical tents. Oh yeah, tent strings… Those things are lethal, especially when intoxicated.

Toilet Roll

This is another big one. We all know that the toilets provided are okay(ish) for the first day or two, and then it gets to the point where you cannot physically enter them. However, you NEED loo roll, so stock up. There is nothing worse than going to the toilet and realising there is no toilet roll… What are you going to do? Use that fiver in your pocket? Hell no – you need that for more booze.

Sun Lotion

The chances are the sun might make an appearance, so sun lotion is a must! It will protect your skin whilst you’re dancing away. Plus, at festivals you are exposed to the outside 24/7 and being sun burnt will completely ruin your weekend.

Dry Shampoo

One for the ladies (or possibly guys)! By day three your hair is going to look a little greasy and require some TLC; there is only so much a head piece will be able to hide. Dry shampoo will rescue your hair and if you leave it behind, a hat will definitely do the job. Or just wear your hair up!