Christmas is all fun and games until you realise you actually have to buy gifts, and there’s no doubt that your girlfriend may be the most difficult to buy for.

So we’ve come up with a gift guide to make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year…

Gifts For Her
It’s a well known fact that ladies just love candles. Yo can’t really go wrong when buying them, but you’ll get bonus points if it’s scented. If you need to be pointed in the right direction, why not check out Devon Wick Candles, their highly scented perfume and luxury wax melts give 60 – 90 hours of fragrance!

Gifts For Her
Girls love socks, we’re not sure why they love them so much, but it probably has something to do with the fact that girls always seem to be cold. So keep their toes toasty this Christmas with some extra festive (and fluffy) socks!

Fluffy Blankets
Gifts For her
Again, because girls always seem to be cold, they’ll really appreciate a cosy blanket to cuddle up in! The fluffier, the better. She’ll spend her entire Christmas wrapped up in it.

(Lush) Bath Bombs
Gifts For her
Lush in particular have an excellent range of sparkling and colourful bath bombs that we can guarantee your girl will simply fall in love with. So why not treat her to the ultimate pamper product?

Makeup Bundles
Gifts For Her
Makeup is a no brainer, but instead of just buying her a lipstick, why not create a little bundle of all her favourite brands? It doesn’t have to be designer, us ladies love drugstore makeup too!

Concert Tickets
Gifts For Her
Nothing says love and “I care about your interests” than a pair of tickets to see her favourite band/artist. It’s a little more pricey, but it will be worth it for the look on her face.

Hobby Specific
Gifts For Her
Show you care about what she cares about by buying her a gift that’s specific to her hobbies i.e. running, sport, art, photography etc.

Whilst their are many gifts out there your other half with love, we know you can’t really go wrong with the above. But remember, something original goes a long way!