The craze for escape rooms has been spreading across the UK over the last couple of years, and with new rooms opening each month it shows no signs of slowing.

But what if you wanted to experience all the thrills and tension of an escape room without having to trudge through the winter rain and snow? Now you can with the new escape game range from Thames & Kosmos.

Exit: The Game is a range of 6 escape board games with titles such as The Abandoned Cabin, The Secret Lab and Forbidden Castle. Each one will take you on an immersive Escape Room experience without you needing to leave your house.

If you are looking for a gentle introduction to escape games you will love ‘The Abandoned Cabin’.Escape Rooms
‘After your car breaks down, you are looking for shelter for the night. Luckily, you find an abandoned cabin in the woods near the road. But the next morning, the door is locked! Iron bars on the windows prevent you from escaping. You discover a book and a strange disk …’

There are also games for the hardened escape room veteran such as ‘The Pharaoh’s Tomb’.

Escape Rooms
‘The excursion to the Valley of the Kings is the highlight of your vacation to Egypt. As you crawl through the narrow passageways, you lose the rest of your tour group. You enter a mysterious burial chamber. A massive stone door closes behind you. On the floor lie a dusty notebook and an ancient disk …’

Whichever one of the six titles you chose you will be delighted with the mix of puzzles and teasers designed to keep even the most experienced escape room fan on the tips of their toes. There has also been international recognition with the series being the winner of the 2017 Kannerspield des Jahres in Germany.

Each game costs less than one persons ticket for a real life escape room – just £13.00 – so they would make a great present for any escape room fan this Christmas.

You can view the full range of Exit: The Game here –