Poker has a consistent popularity that doesn’t really grow or diminish like other games. There’s something about the excitement, competitiveness and skill needed that makes poker enjoyable for people of all ages, as well as the money that can be won if you’re any good. From friendly games using a deck of cards at home to professional games played in tournaments and at casinos, poker continually manages to draw the crowds.

A history on the game

If you wanted to play poker a couple of decades ago, you’d need to go to a casino or arrange to meet friends for a game, using either expensive to buy chips or even matchsticks and pennies to gamble with. Although you’ll still find a great game of poker at your local casino, the internet, as with many other industries, has changed poker completely, creating 24 / access and games that are way more accessible for beginners. Poker has become more of a sport too, with televised tournaments and even celebs getting stuck into tough games.

The perks of playing online
Instead of waiting until Friday or Saturday night and heading to an expensive casino for 3-4 hours of gambling, literally anyone over 18 with a UK bank account can log into an online poker service and get started. As well as loads of great offers you’ll only find on the internet, there’s also a much wider variety of poker games rather than the 3 card or Hold ‘Em games you’ll get in the casino. From Caribbean Stud to Omaha Hi-Low, the selections make playing poker online more exciting, plus you won’t have to queue at busy tables or pay any entry fees.

Although the age of poker players varies greatly, the biggest demographic of players seem to be students aged 18-24. This age group is playing more poker than ever, and there are several reasons why they are becoming more interested in the game than ever before.

The pull for students

Let’s face it; if you’ve ever studied, you’ll know that normal schedules go straight out of the window. Late night schedules become common, and this is prime time for late-night online poker. More players are out there, offers may come into effect and of course you can play more people in different time zones, creating a game that is more challenging but of course more rewarding with each win.

There’s also the technology aspect. You don’t need a computer to gamble online nowadays, with online poker apps on mobile phones and tablets now extremely popular. And with 4G, poker can be played literally anywhere, including libraries and lecture theatres!

Part time jobs are a big part of any time spent at college or university, but busting a gut for less than £10 or hours seems a little old-fashioned in a world where money can be made quite easily thanks to the internet. Although newbies aren’t going to make millions overnight playing online poker, the opportunity for skilled players is huge, even just to earn a few extra pounds to cover partying expenses, if you’re good enough, even your fees. Naturally, there’s a risk that you could end up losing money if you don’t win, but across a series of hands there’s always the chance the game could turn, making it a better investment than games like slot machines or blackjack, which can quickly empty a wallet with just a few losses. Poker on the other hand has slower losses, and of course you only bet big if you think you have a decent chance of winning.

Brilliant entertainment
On the subject of partying, it’s pretty expensive to have a night out these days. Even houses parties end up costing a fortune thanks to alcohol prices, and then there’s the hassle of tidying up afterwards. This is where the poker night comes into play, way easier to manage and even coming with the chance to take some money off your mates. You can even drink at the same time, but caution needs to be exercised as being drunk always leads to show-off bets!

It’s not just home-based poker nights that are drawing in students either. Plenty of pubs host mid-week poker nights, with discounted drinks for players and sometimes even a jackpot for the overall winner. For cash-strapped students, this is the ideal way to have a night out that won’t cost much, and again could result in some extra cash for the rest of the week.

Poker is great fun. There’s nothing better than getting one up on another player who has been winning all night, and the feeling of taking home the pot is hard to beat. So, if you’re a student, or just like the sound of the lifestyle that comes with becoming an online poker star, then why not give it a try?