Back in the day I think we were all guilty of giving ourselves some pretty funky biro tattoos.  Think how much fun that was, and imagine just how much more fun getting real tattoos are! For so many people they’re a rite of passage and once people started getting tattooed, they just cant stop. You start of with a small significant logo and 6 months later you have a full sleeve.

If you haven’t yet dived into the wonderful world of body art and are looking for a little advise, here is a little guide on getting tattooed.

Tattoos are permanent 

I know this seems obvious, and you’re probably sick of being told this, but it’s definitely something worth thinking about when picking your design. When you think of a design give yourself a long period of time (maybe a few months) to think about it. If at the end of the few months you’re still as keen then go for it, but try not to rush into any designs which you’re going to end up regretting. If you do end up changing your mind you’re going to resent seeing that print on your body everyday for the rest of your life (or until your can afford to have it lasered off or covered up).

Where to have it?

When picking your tattoo’s location it’s important to try and consider your future aspirations. Not all employers are bothered by tattoos, but a lot are. Don’t get me wrong, I 100% do not agree with employers discriminating against those who are tattooed, but is having your dream tattoo visible worth more than your dream job? Will it affect your future? Do some research and if the answer is unfortunately yes, can you have the tattoo somewhere hidden on your body?

Joe Bloggs and his tattoo kit: 

Once you’ve picked your design the next big decision is where do you go to get your tattoo? I know there’s a real temptation to go to Joe on the corner with his art GCSE and his eBay tattoo kit but just because he’s cheaper, doesn’t mean he’s better. Do some research into some studios and artists. Once you’ve found a possible candidate ask to see a portfolio of previous work. There’s nothing wrong with looking around, after all, you have to love what they’re going to print onto your body.

Be strong

So you’ve picked your design, you’ve picked your artist and you’re all ready to go.
There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. If you wake up in the morning and realise you no longer want this tattoo, don’t have it! This is what you pay a deposit for, it’s better to loose a fraction of the money than to pay the full price and hate your decision. If you do still want the tattoo don’t be afraid to tell the artist exactly what you want. You’re paying them a lot of money. And it’s not their decision. If you need to make them move the stencil 20 times until you’re happy, then do it. If you have to tell them you prefer red to blue tell them. This is your decision, you have to ensure you’re happy!