I am not a Hipster. I want to make that thoroughly clear. However, you might be. If so, put down your vegan, soy free £12 coffee and listen up because I’m gonna teach you to style your moustache like a boss.

You will need:

Shaving foam
Moustache wax
Moustache comb (or any small comb with very close teeth)

First thing to do, is to have a shave. Ironically. This means the hair on your lip will stand out more. It also means that the longest hairs on the edge of your lip won’t get entwined with other hair. Carefully shave your face apart from your upper lip (obviously).

If you’re you have a full beard AND ‘tache, then just shave the tiny bits of hair at the corners of your mouth for the same reason. It lets your soup-strainer really shine.

Next, you need to comb your moustache out. Gently comb it outwards towards the tips. Trim any stray hairs with a pair of small, sharp scissors.

Next, you need a TINY bit of wax. It’s a rookie mistake to shovel a load onto your upper lip and you look like you’ve been making out with a candle. Use the tip of your little finger nail and scoop up enough to cover half of it. Then, take the wax and warm it up between your thumbs and forefingers until warm. Starting from the middle, tease it across the length of your moustache.

Now comes the fun part! Twirl the ends!

Become a hipster, tie young women to train tracks, be a strongman in an oldie timey circus, or lead a WW1 recruitment campaign! The world is yours!

Written By Jack Shannon