It’s nearly Christmas! That means catching up with the family, watching Love Actually on repeat and binge eating everything in sight! As great as this time of the year is, it’ll soon come and go and we’ll be left with the dreaded deadline season. Obviously it’s important to take a little break over Christmas but it can be hard to get your concentration back and fully focus on revising.

Here are a few tips on how to help you improve your concentration.

Food and Drink

One thing I’ve learnt over my time as a student is to never revise on an empty stomach. You think you’re revising but really you’re planning what takeaway you’re going to order as soon as you finish this chapter and instead of hearing your brain cogs turning all you can hear is your stomach growling. Try to eat before you revise or at least take small breaks every now again to snack. Similarly when you sit down to revise make sure you have a big glass of water in case any sudden thirst should overcome you. Being prepared will stop you from finding excuses to leave your essay, no matter how dull it is.

Hide your Phone

We all know the biggest distractions to students are mobile phones and social media updates. Turn your phone either off or on aeroplane mode and put it out of sight. By turning off all means of contact those constant buzzes will not be encouraging you to derail from your studies. Just think! You will be able to focus more on your textbook rather than Facebook.

Find a Boring Room

Revising in your bedroom is dangerous, especially if you’re back home for Christmas. There will always be something else to do or to rediscover. We’ve all done it, “What’s that in my wardrobe? My roller skates from the 90s? Let’s skate across the kitchen!” Try to find a quiet and dull room to do your work as there will be less chance for distractions. Even go to your local library if you’re finding your house just one big distraction.

Plenty of Sleep

This one is kind of obvious. If you’re sleepy, you wont be able to study. You’ll set out with good intentions but will be dribbling all over your feminism essay within half hour. Early nights and a good sleeping pattern is key.

Have a Break

If you’re planning on a long period of revision or writing make sure you schedule yourself frequent short breaks. Even if it’s just a walk around the house for 2 minutes. After a short break away from whatever it is you’re staring at you will feel so much better and concentrating will be so much easier.

Yes revising is important, but it’s also important to look after yourself. If you don’t concentrate, it will be so much more difficult, which will result in your work suffering. So all the suffering you put yourself through will be for nothing! Revise sensibly and enjoy your Christmas break as much as you can. You and you’re work will feel better if you do.

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