You still haven’t left your house because the ridiculous amounts of booze and food you consumed over Christmas has literally weighed you down. Maybe it’s time for a quick detox. With New Year approaching quickly, you know you want to get back out there and enjoy yourself ASAP.

Hydrate Yourself (With Water)

In the mornings, it is suggested that you drink a pint of water with a slice of lemon in. This helps re-hydrate the system and also promotes digestion helping in expelling the waste from your body.

Green Tea

Green tea is a herbal tea that increases your metabolism which helps with fat loss and is full of antioxidants! It also improves brain function to improve that post-Christmas sluggishness.

Visit a Sauna

Simply sweat out all the impurities in your body! It’s one of the most enjoyable detox methods around.


Exfoliating all those toxins from your skin using oils and skin brushing is another method of detoxing. It also leaves your skin glowing!

Avoid Sugar

After Christmas Day, I can’t imagine many of you are feeling all that hungry. So it shouldn’t be hard to stay away from all the bad stuff for a week and go organic! Eat of plenty fresh fruit and veg!