We are nation who love our booze. There’s a pub on every corner, Saturday and Friday nights are dedicated to getting hammered, and every date involves “going for a drink”. There’s after-work drinks, mid-week drinks, celebratory drinks, and “I’ll just have one” drinks. Giving it up makes you realise how much our social lives are based around the stuff.

Dry January has been created to help us cleanse our bodies and make up for the extensive amounts of alcohol we consumed over the Christmas period. While we might hate the idea, our bodies certainly don’t.

Money Money Money!

Have you ever really thought about how much we spend of booze? On average we spend over £750 every year on alcohol and a whopping £50,000 in our lifetime. If you were to cut alcohol out of your life – you’d be rolling in it!

More Social Activities

Go to concerts, take up a new hobby, join the gym, the possibilities are endless. It’s more time hanging with your loved ones, more experiences, and less hangover days wasted in bed.

Become a Morning Person

We’ve all been there – waking up midday after a heavy night of drinking realising you’ve wasted your whole Sunday because you were too busy sleeping off a hangover to pay for a couple hours of fun the night before. Is it really worth it? Getting up earlier on your weekends means more hours in the day!

Your Body Will Thank You

It’s no surprise that your body is healthier without the abuse it receives from alcohol. Even after a month you will notice a difference; brighter, clear skin, those aches and pains will subside, your head will be clearer – the benefits are endless.

Although you don’t plan on cutting the booze out entirely, Dry January will certainly give you that motive to do so when you realise how beneficial the sober life is…