You don’t know a challenge until you have to buy presents for your partner. It seems that most men give very little away when it comes to their interests and desires, particularly around the Christmas period; it’s not very helpful.

But not to worry, we’ve come up with a small list that will make buying gifts for him a breeze…

Socks & Pants
Gifts for Him
That might sound boring, but have you noticed how many holes are in blokes’ socks? Trust me, my partner fully appreciates gifts like these, because they are one of the things he will never find time to buy for himself! The same goes for pants; they’ll wear them until the elastic is exhausted and the crotch is, well, almost non-existent.

Oversized Jumper/Hoodie
Gifts For Him
They’re big softies really, and they will really appreciate a warm, large jumper or hoodie to cuddle up in over the Christmas period. The best part? If it’s for your partner, then it’s basically for you too! Don’t lie, we all steal our boyfriend’s hoodies, right?

A Stocking Full of Toiletries
Gifts for Him
If your fella is keen on his grooming, then you can’t go wrong with a stocking full of individually wrapped gifts such as a new razor, aftershave, deodorant, hair care, and whatever else he uses to make himself pretty. It’s a relatively inexpensive gift which shows thought and effort, plus men love gifts that are simply useful to them.

His Favourite Alcohol
Gifts For Him
My partner loves his whisky, and most men do! So this Christmas you could treat them to a large bottle of their favourite booze to enjoy over the festive period. Some major supermarkets, such as Morrisons, are selling giant 4.5 litre bottles of the good stuff for just £70; perhaps this Christmas is about to be a seriously messy one…

Hobby Related
Gifts For Him
My partner is a passionate musician; I can’t go wrong buying him something for his studio, or even his guitar. So if your partner has a hobby he’s passionate about, you can guarantee he’ll appreciate anything that relates to it, whether it’s fitness, art, or music.