So it’s that time in the year again where everyone is planning how they want to ‘make themselves a better person’. Resolutions for the New Year shouldn’t be impossible to achieve, With these 3 simple steps you will fall in love with achieving your goals.

Tip 1 – ‘Don’t wait till New Years to start.’

One of the biggest mistakes made is most resolutions are made on the night of New Years Eve. That’s fine but is it something you’ve thought about and planned out? Probably not. Things don’t happen overnight, so when you get to a point in your life where you want to make a change, do it. You could be 6 months away from New Years Day and by then, you might not be in the same mindset or position to focus on your goal. So when you feel like something needs to change, it’s probably because it needs to be changed now.

Tip 2 – ‘Don’t run before you can walk.’

Another problem people make is they set themselves non-achievable goals. Why not aim high right? Bigger is obviously better? Who doesn’t want the perfect body or their dream car. But does your daily lifestyle allow you to achieve this in the time you expect? Breaking it down will always make things more achievable and allow you to track your results better. Plus it means that you get to decide when you’re ready to take on the next challenge and progress. So grab yourself a planner, make yourself a pin board or simply make notes on your phone. Having a visual break down of what you want to achieve makes it so much easier to keep yourself on track.

Tip 3 – ‘Enjoy it!’

Why set a goal if it’s not going to be enjoyable to achieve right? Motivation is key to success so surround yourself with people who have the same ambitions as you and that will help you make progress. Then the next thing to do is simply wake up every day ready to crush it. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Its always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see” So remember to take one step at a time and always remember you’re in control of your goals, so go at your own pace. Everyone’s progression is different and everyone’s goals are different so even if the same person you see at the gym every day, doing the same things as you seems to be progressing quicker than you, don’t worry. Everyone will have a different starting point and different finish line. So just stay focused on your own goals and remember, ENJOY IT.

Written by Ben Bussens