Twitter recently released it’s annual list of most popular tweets from over the year. And while Donald Trump has taken the social platform by storm, it seems that former president, Barack Obama, continued to eclipse Trump with his online posts.

His tweet quoting Nelson Mandela after the Charlottesville protest is the second most retweeted tweet ever. It was tweeted on 13th August after the death of Heather Heyer; an anti-fascist protester.

The next two tweets also featured in the top 10; they were posted in January after his time in the White House came to an upsetting, yet victorious end>

And that time recently when he made his own Obama/Biden meme for Joe’s birthday. His sense of humour won many of his supporters.

And not to mention the astounding love he has for his family, we’ve never been so blessed with a president who showcased their wife like a trophy, all while she worked alongside him as the best and most successful FLOTUS in history. The Obamas are basically family goals for us all.